Community Garden

The Community Garden is a collaboration between Heath Church and the Manor Drive Community.

We were given a small grant from our local councillors and this has been used for materials to build a large planter and build a fence and gate. We also spent some money on a bench, soil and plants.

We have a lovely community here, people have cleaned and cleared the garden area, planted flowers, built the planter, gate and fence, donated pots, soil, wood chips and plants, and another bench, secured the benches for safety, made cakes and brews for the workers. It’s a real community effort!

The garden is for everyone to enjoy. Come and sit for a while, enjoy some peace and quiet or meet a friend for a chat. Just come and enjoy the plants growing and hopefully the bees buzzing. Once the fruit and vegetables start growing, and depending on the season, you can pick something to take home to eat with your tea. There are herbs ready to pick.

When it feels like the world has gone a bit mad and life can feel tough we want you to know there is a place for you to sit, pause, think and breathe. Please sit in the garden. We are a friendly community, if you sit long enough someone else may come along for a chat and if you’re really lucky they may bring cake.

If you would like to get involved with the garden, find out more or donate some pots, plants , soil, please email Jude [email protected]