Eco Church

Eco Church is A Rocha UK’s award scheme for churches in England and Wales who want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth. In their belief that caring for God’s earth is a necessary part of Christian discipleship, engaging with Christians and churches is at the heart of A Rocha’s strategy. Their primary means of such engagement is Eco Church, a web-based award scheme designed to motivate and resource churches in establishing caring for God’s earth as an integral part of their everyday work and witness. Eco Church has been developed as the successor to Eco-Congregation for churches in England and Wales, and is run by A Rocha UK in partnership with Christian Aid, the Church of England, the Methodist Church, and Tearfund. At the heart of Eco Church is a unique, online survey that enables churches to both record what they are already doing to care for God’s earth, and to reflect on what further steps they can take to that end and then act accordingly.

Heath has been registered with Eco Church since January 2016 and at last, in 2019, we have achieved our Bronze Award!

Awards are made at Bronze, Silver or Gold level with a minimum standard needing to be reached in all categories, these being:

Worship and teaching – we have reached Gold level! The starting point here was our agreement to work towards an Eco Church award. Other activity has included services dedicated to environmental themes and ensuring that the Christian call to care for the environment is fairly regularly included in other services and in hymn choices, as well as in our Messy Church themes.

Buildings – we are at Bronze. Points here include those for having an energy efficient boiler, increasing low energy lighting and using environmentally friendly cleaning products and toilet paper.

Land – we have reached Bronze level, partly thanks to the work of the Beavers and Cubs who use the small manor drive garden to grow vegetables and provide ‘accommodation’ for a variety of insects.

Community and Global – we are at a Bronze score,  with Silver not too far off. We have communicated with our MP and other organisations on environmental issues, members have been involved in environmental campaigning, we sell and serve Fairtrade products and we are currently promoting Eco Church to other churches!

Lifestyle – Again we score at Bronze level. We promote the personal use and consumption of Fairtrade goods, we share a communal Christmas card and we have recently changed our current and savings accounts to more ethical ones.

We are pleased to achieved our Bronze Award, but we won’t rest there. Onward and upward to Silver!

There is much we can all do , collectively and individually, to better care for the beautiful planet that is our home. Climate change is a reality that none of us can afford to turn a blind eye to.